Austrian Journal of Statistics

Austrian Statistical Society

Volume 35 2006 Number 2&3

Special Issue on Perspectives in Modern Statistical Inference, III

Proceedings of the International Workshop in Mikulov, Czech Republic, July, 17-22, 2005

Cover Page


Herwig FRIEDL: Editorial - Redaktionelles (text) 89
Jana JURECKOVA and Ivana HOROVA: Preface (text) 91
Miklos CSÖRGÖ, Barbara SZYSZKOWICZ, and Qiying WANG: Change in the Mean in the Domain of Attraction of the Normal Law (text) 93
Julia DONY, Uwe EINMAHL, and David M. MASON: Uniform in Bandwidth Consistency of Local Polynomial Regression Function Estimators (text) 105
Abram KAGAN: Profile Sufficiency (text) 121
Harrie HENDRIKS, Pieta C. IJZERMAN-BOON, and Chris A.J. KLAASEN: Student's t-Statistic under Unimodal Densities (text) 131
Hira L.KOUL and Tingting YI: Regression Model Fitting for the Interval Censored 1 Responses (text) 143
Geoffrey J. MCLACHLAN, Shu-Kay NG, and Richard BEAN: Robust Cluster Analysis via Mixture Models (text) 157
Hannu OJA, Seija SIRKIÄ, and Jan ERIKSSON: Scatter Matrices and Independent Component Analysis (text) 175
J.N.K. RAO: Empirical Likelihood Methods for Sample Survey Data: An Overview (text) 191
Pranab K. SEN: Robust Statistical Inference for High-Dimensional Data Models with Application to Genomics (text) 197
Jitka BARTOSOVA: Logarithmic-Normal Model of Income Distribution in the Czech Republic (text) 215
Pavel CIZEK: Trimmed Likelihood-based Estimation in Binary Regression Models (text) 223
Jochen EINBECK and John HINDE: A Note on NPML Estimation for Exponential Family Regression Models with Unspecified Dispersion Parameter (text) 233
Eva FISEROVA and Lubomir KUBACEK: Insensitivity Regions and Outliers in Mixed Models with Constraints (text) 245
Michal FRIESL: Estimation in the Koziol-Green Model Using a Gamma Process Prior (text) 253
Jan HANNIG, Lidong E, Amany ABDEL-KARIM, and Hari IYER: Simultaneous Fiducial Generalized Confidence Intervals for Ratios of Means of Lognormal Distributions (text) 261
Vlasta KANKOVA and Michal HOUDA: Dependent Samples in Empirical Estimation of Stochastic Programming Problems (text) 271
Jan KOLACEK and Jitka POMENKOVA: A Comparative Study of Boundary Effects for Kernel Smoothing (text) 281
Petr LACHOUT: Estimator Consistency in a General Setup (text) 289
Lynn R. LaMOTTE: On Formulating Pearson's Chi-Squared Statistic in Two-Way Frequency Tables (text) 299
Jiri NEUBAUER: Modelling of Economic Time Series and the Method of Cointegration (text) 307
Fortunato PESARIN and Luigi SALMASO: Permutation Tests for Univariate and Multivariate Ordered Categorical Data (text) 315
Hana SKALSKA and Vaclav FREYLICH: Web-Bootstrap Estimate of Area Under ROC Curve (text) 325
Jan SOMORCIK: Tests Using Spatial Median (text) 331
Ansgar STELAND: A Bootstrap View on Dickey-Fuller Control Charts for AR(1) Series (text) 339
Jana TALASOVA and Ondrej PAVLACKA: Fuzzy Probability Spaces and Their Applications in Decision Making (text) 347
Pavel TUCEK and Jaroslav MAREK: On Estimation and Decrease of the Dispersion in GPS Data Processing (text) 357
Frantisek VAVRA, Pavel NOVY, Lucie REISMÜLLEROVA, Katerina VOKACOVA, and Martina NEUMANOVA: Discrete Kernels (text) 365
Vitezslav VESELY and Jaromir TONNER: Sparse Parameter Estimation in Overcomplete Time Series Models (text) 371
Jan A. VISEK: Instrumental Weighted Variables (text) 379
Petr VOLF: On Statistical Analysis of Compound Point Process (text) 389
Gejza WIMMER and Viktor WITKOVSKY: Scheffe-type Confidence Region for the Calibration Line (text) 397