Austrian Journal of Statistics

Austrian Statistical Society

Volume 34 2005 Number 2

Cover Page


Herwig FRIEDL: Editorial - Redaktionelles (text) 65
Rudolf DUTTER, Peter FILZMOSER, and Yuriy KHARIN: Preface (text) 67
Serguei AIVAZIAN: Synthetic Indicators of Quality of Life: Construction and Utilization for Social-Economic Management and Comparative Analysis (text) 69
Wojciech W. CHAREMZA and Svetlana MAKAROVA: A Simple Encompassing Test for the Deterministic and Bilinear Unit Root Models (text) 79
Nikolay DEMESH and Sergey CHEKHMENOK: Construction of the Consistent Estimate of the Spectral Density of a Discrete-Time Homogeneous Stable Random Fields (text) 91
Alexander DUDIN, Arseniy KAZIMIRSKY, Valentia KLIMENOK, Lothar BREUER, and Udo KRIEGER: The Queueing Model MAP|PH|1|N with Feedback Operating in a Markovian Random Environment (text) 101
A.D. EGOROV and A.V. ZHERELO: On a Class of Gaussian Distributions in Functional Space (text) 111
Sanne ENGELEN, Mia HUBERT, and Karlien VANDEN BRANDEN: A Comparison of Three Procedures for Robust PCA in High Dimensions (text) 117
Peter FILZMOSER: dentification of Multivariate Outliers: A Performance Study (text) 127
Roland FRIED and Ursula GATHER: Robust Trend Estimation for AR(1) Disturbances (text) 139
Alexey KHARIN and Dzmitry KISHYLAU: Robust Sequential Testing of Hypotheses on Discrete Probability Distributions (text) 153
Yuriy KHARIN and Aliaksandr HURYN: ``Plug-in'' Statistical Forecasting of Vector Autoregressive Time Series with Missing Values (text) 163
Alexander KUKUSH and Istv\'an FAZEKAS: Kriging and Prediction of Nonlinear Functionals (text) 175
Rimantas RUDZKIS and Virmantas KVEDARAS: A Small Macroeconometric Model of the Lithuanian Economy (text) 185
Bernhard SPANGL and Rudolf DUTTER: On Robust Estimation of Power Spectra (text) 199
Alexander ZAIGRAEV: Stochastic Design Criteria in Linear Models (text) 211
Andrew M. ZUBKOV: Notes on Statistical Tests for Nonidentically Distributed Observations (text) 225