Dependence in Probability, Analysis and Number Theory

Walter Philipp Memorial Volume

To be published by

Kendrick Press

Edited by

István Berkes
Richard Bradley
Herold Dehling
Magda Peligrad
Robert Tichy

Title Author(s) Download
The law of the iterated logarithm for &sum ck f(nkx) Ch. Aistleitner Download
Weyl's theorem in the measure theory of numbers R.C. Baker, R. Coatney and G. Harman Download
A three dimensional signed small ball inequality D. Bilyk, M.T. Lacey, I. Parissis and A. Vagharshakyan Download
On the dependence coefficients associated with three mixing conditions for random fields R.C. Bradley Download
On Vervaat processes for sums and renewals in weakly dependent cases E. Csáki, M. Csörgő and R. Kulik Download
On the almost sure invariance principle for stationary sequences of Hilbert-valued random variables J. Dedecker and F. Merlevčde Download
Law of the iterated logarithm for U-statistics of weakly dependent observations H. Dehling and M. Wendler Download
The almost sure version of Cramér's Theorem M. Denker and M. Fridline Download
Variance estimation with applications P. Doukhan, J. Jakubowicz and J.R. León Download
A central limit theorem and a metric discrepancy result for sequence with bounded gaps K. Fukuyama Download
Disaggregation for AR(1) and AR(2) processes M. Jirak Download
Zeros of a two-parameter random walk D. Khoshnevisan and P. Révész Download
A directed polymer approach to the once-oriented last passage site percolation time constant in high dimensions G.J. Morrow Download
Conditional central limit theorem via martingale approximation M. Peligrad Download
Stationary processes and a one sided representation in terms of independent identically distributed random variables M. Rosenblatt Download
An example of non-quenched convergence in the conditional central limit theorem for partial sums of a linear process D. Volny and M. Woodroofe Download
Dirichlet polynomials: some old and recent results, and their interplay in number theory M. Weber Download