Austrian Journal of Statistics

Austrian Statistical Society

Volume 41 2012 Number 2

Cover Page


Herwig FRIEDL: Editorial (text) 93
Omar EIDOUS and M. K. SHAKHATREH: Double Kernel Method Using Line Transect Sampling (text) 95
Jehad AL-JARARHA and Mohammed Al-Haj EBRAHEM: A Ratio Estimator Under General Sampling Design (text) 105
G. G. HAMEDANI: Various Characterizations of Modified Weibull and Log-Modified Weibull Distributions (text) 117
Diana BÍLKOVÁ and Ivana MALÁ: Application of the L-Moment Method when Modelling the Income Distribution in the Czech Republic (text) 125
Diana BÍLKOVÁ and Ivana MALÁ: Modelling the Income Distributions in the Czech Republic since 1992 (text) 133
Book Reviews (text) 153