Austrian Journal of Statistics

Austrian Statistical Society

Volume 37 2008 Number 1

Cover Page


Herwig FRIEDL: Editorial (text) 1
Rudolf DUTTER, Peter FILZMOSER, and Yuriy KHARIN: Preface (text) 3
Sergey AIVAZIAN: On the Key Factors of Socio-Economic Policy and Institutional Development that Determine the Improvement of the Quality of Life (text) 5
Alexandr V. DOBROVIDOV: Non-Parametric Signal Interpolation (text) 21
Christian FRANCQ and Jean-Michel ZAKOIAN: Estimating ARCH Models when the Coefficients are Allowed to be Equal to Zero (text) 31
Roland FRIED: Robust Shift Detection in Time-Varying Autoregressive Processes (text) 41
Alexey KHARIN: Robustness Evaluation in Sequential Testing of Composite Hypotheses (text) 51
Yuriy KHARIN and Olga RADZIEUSKAYA: Robustness of Forecasting for Autoregressive Time Series with Bilinear Distortions (text) 61
Alexander KUKUSH and Andrii MALENKO: Goodness-of-Fit Test in a Structural Errors-in-Variables Model Based on a Score Function (text) 71
Hannelore LIERO: Testing in Nonparametric Accelerated Life Time Models (text) 81
Klaus NORDHAUSEN, Hannu OJA, and Esa OLLILA: Robust Independent Component Analysis Based on Two Scatter Matrices (text) 91
Gintautas JAKIMAUSKAS, Marijus RADAVICIUS, and Jurgis SUSINSKAS: A Simple Method for Testing Independence of High-Dimensional Random Vectors (text) 101
Vaidas BALYS and Rimantas RUDZKIS: Classification of Publications Based on Statistical Analysis of Scientific Terms Distributions (text) 109
Eugenia STOIMENOVA: Empirical Density Estimation for Interval Censored Data (text) 119
Marina V. FILINA and Andrew M. ZUBKOV: Exact Computation of Pearson Statistics Distribution and Some Experimental Results (text) 129
Dmitrii O. MENSHENIN and Andrew M. ZUBKOV: On the Szekely-Mori Asymmetry Criterion Statistics for Binary Vectors with Independent Components (text) 137