Graz, June 6-7 2019

From the airport:

The airport is located around 10 kilometers south of Graz. There is a bus and train service to Graz main station, but we recommend to use a taxi. The fare to your hotel should be around 25 Euros.

From Graz Main Station:

If you arrive by train then you have access to several tram lines which bring you in a few minutes to the city center. When you leave the train station at the main exit you will see to your right escalators bringing you to the underground tram stops. Take the escalator on the right hand side for direction downtown. For
Hotel zum Dom you may choose any of the tram lines 1-3-6-7 and get off at "Hauptplatz/Congress". Then it is 5 minutes walking (click here for directions). For the Gapsite hotel take tram lines 3 or 6 and get off at "Dietrichsteinplatz". Then it is 3 minutes walking (click here for directions). A one-hour ticket is 2 Euros and 40 Cents and can be purchased at the vending machine in the tramway or at some tramway stops. The machine accepts coins or you can pay with bankcard if you have NFC.