Austrian Journal of Statistics

Austrian Statistical Society

Volume 40 2011 Number 1 & 2

Special Issue on the 9th International Conference

Computer Data Analysis and Modeling

CDAM'2010 in Minsk/Belarus, September 7-11, 2010

Cover Page


Herwig FRIEDL: Editorial (text) 1
Peter FILZMOSER and Yuriy KHARIN: Preface (text) 3
Sergey AIVAZIAN and Mikhail AFANASIEV: Econometric Approach to Company's Production Potential Asessing Taking into Account Human Capital (text) 5
Alexandr V. DOBROVIDOV and Gennadij M. KOSHKIN: Data-based Nonparametric Signal Filtration (text) 15
Kestutis DUCINSKAS and Lina DREIZIENE: Supervised Classification of the Scalar Gaussian Random Field Observations under a Deterministic Spatial Sampling Design (text) 25
Rudolf DUTTER: Graphical and Numerical Analysis of Spatial Data with a GUI and R (text) 37
Marina V. FILINA and Andrew M. ZUBKOV: Tail Properties of Pearson Statistics Distributions (text) 47
Michel CARBON and Christian FRANCQ: Portmanteau Goodness-of-Fit Test for Asymmetric Power GARCH Models (text) 55
Alexey KHARIN: Robustness Analysis for Bayesian Sequential Testing of Composite Hypotheses under Simultaneous Distortion of Priors and Likelihoods (text) 65
Yuriy KHARIN and Andrei PIATLITSKI: Statistical Analysis of Discrete Time Series Based on the MC(s, r)-Model (text) 75
Gerhard NEUBAUER, Gordana DJURAS, and Herwig FRIEDL: Models for Underreporting: A Bernoulli Sampling Approach for Reported Counts (text) 85
Klaus NORDHAUSEN and Hannu OJA: Independent Subspace Analysis Using Three Scatter Matrices (text) 91
Vera PAWLOWSKY-GLAHN and Juan J. EGOZCUE: Exploring Compositional Data with the CoDa-Dendrogram (text) 103
Marijus RADAVICIUS and Pavel SAMUSENKO: Profile Statistics for Sparse Contingency Tables under Poisson Sampling (text) 115
Neil RUBENS, Vera SHEINMAN, Ryota TOMIOKA, and Masashi SUGIYAMA: Active Learning in Black-Box Settings (text) 125
Valentina RUDENKO, Yulia SUVOROVA, and Eugene KOROTKOV: Detection of Possible Reading Frame Shifts in Genes Using Triplet Frequencies Homogeneity (text) 137
Georgy SHEVLYAKOV and Pavel SMIRNOV: Robust Estimation of the Correlation Coefficient: An Attempt of Survey (text) 147
Eugenia STOIMENOVA and Narayanaswamy BALAKRISHNAN: On the Joint Distribution of Precedences and Exceedances for the Two-Sample Problem (text) 157