Austrian Journal of Statistics

Austrian Statistical Society

Volume 37 2008 Number 2

Cover Page


Herwig FRIEDL: Editorial - Redaktionelles (text) 145
Johannes LEDOLTER: A Statistical Analysis of the Lake Levels at Lake Neusiedl (text) 147
Alexander Von EYE and Patrick MAIR: A Functional Approach to Configural Frequency Analysis (text) 161
Mahbub LATIF, Zakir HOSSAIN, and Ataharul ISLAM: Model Selection Using Modified Akaike's Information Criterion: An Application to Maternal Morbidity Data (text) 175
Kouji TAHATA, Hideharu YAMAMOTO, and Sadao TOMIZAWA: Orthogonality of Decompositions of Symmetry into Extended Symmetry and Marginal Equimoment for Multi-way Tables with Ordered Categories (text) 185
Short Communications
Christine DULLER: Teaching Statistics with Excel: A Big Challenge for Students and Lecturers (text) 195
Housila SINGH and Vankim CHANDER: Estimating the Variance of an Exponential Distribution in the Presence of Large True Observations (text) 207
Book Reviews (text) 217