Austrian Journal of Statistics

Austrian Statistical Society

Volume 33 2004 Number 1+2

Special Issue on Data Mining and Record Matching

Proceedings of the DIECOFIS Workshop in Vienna, November, 13-14, 2003

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Herwig FRIEDL: Editorial - Redaktionelles (text)
Michaela DENK, Karl A. FROESCHL, Peter HACKL, and Norbert RAINER: Preface (text) 1
Paolo ROBERTI: International Research into Developing Integrated and Systematized Information Systems (EISIS) for EU Business Policy Impact Analysis (text) 3
Martha FAIR: Statistics Canada's Record Linkage Software (text) 37
Alois HASLINGER: Data Matching for the Maintenance of the Business Register of Statistics Austria (text) 55
Frank LINDER: The Dutch Virtual Census 2001: A new approach by combining Administrative Registers and Household Sample Surveys (text) 69
Felix RITCHIE: Business Data Linking - Recent UK experience (text) 89
Leicester GILL: Methodology and Applications of Building a National File of Health and Mortality data (text) 101
Reiner SCHNELL: Recording Linkage Using Error Prone Strings (text) 125
Michaela DENK and Peter HACKL: Data Integration: Techniques and Evaluation (text) 135
Susanne RAESSLER: Data Fusion: Identification Problems, Validity, and Multiple Imputation (text) 153
Karl A. FROESCHL: A Sketch of Statistical Meta-Computing as a Data Integration Framework (text) 173
Corrado ABBATE, Danila FILIPPONI, and Caterina VIVIANO: Improving the coverage of the Economic Census by integrating the Business Register: A method to measure under-over coverage in the two sources (text) 197
Filippo OROPALLO and Francesca INGLESE: The Development of an Integrated and Systematized Information System for Economic and Policy Impact Analysis (text) 211
Rossella BARDAZZI, Valentino PARISI, and Maria G. PAZIENZA: Modelling direct and indirect taxes on firms: a policy simulation (text) 237
List of Authors (text) 261
List of Referees (text) 263