Austrian Journal of Statistics: Guidelines for Authors

The Journal is produced on the basis of computer readable manuscripts provided by the authors. Therefore we highly recommend to follow exactly the following instructions already at the very beginning when writing the paper.

Technical Medium: Whenever possible, a submitted manuscript should be provided in electronic form. Send your files attached to an E-mail to the current Editor Herwig Friedl.
Type Setting: In order to obtain a uniform layout and to ease the production as much as possible it is highly recommended to use LaTeX for the text processing. Graphics should be added in PostScript-format (use psfig.sty) at suitable places of the manuscript. The original LaTeX-file guidelines.tex together with the bibliography file guidelines.bib may be used as a template for the setting up of a text to be submitted in computer readable form.
It is also possible (although less desirable) to use Word to write the manuscript. Experience shows, however, that the demand on editorial work is much higher. Therefore, we strongly ask for strictly following the instructions, careful setting of mathematical formulas and always specifying the kind of used software for setting the text. In case that you really need to write your manuscript in Word then you could download the file guidelines.doc and use it as template.

Formal Configuration: The copy of the paper for printing should be on white paper size A4 (210x297mm). The printed version will be reduced by the factor of 80% of the original size. Therefore it is strongly recommended to use a font which looks most similar to Times Roman size 12 points. The printed text should then be within a frame with 3 cm left and right margin and 3.3 cm top and bottom margin.
Headings and footings as well as pagination will be added during the production. Footnotes should be generally avoided.
The title should characterize as brief and concise as possible the contents of the paper.
Each article must have an abstract in English and a Zusammenfassung in German which inform the reader quickly on the contents and the substantial results. The length surely depends on the contents, however, it should not exceed 150 words. Mathematical formulas should be avoided in this summary.
Some keywords should be listed afterwards. These keywords should be relevant for the contents of the article and not included already in the title.
The main part of the article should be structured by enumerated sections and subsections. Graphics and tables must contain captions, above tables and below graphics (figures). Examples are (see Figure 2 and Table 3). Mathematical formulas should be enumerated as far as they are referenced. E.g. Equation (6) shows the density ...
Cited literature should be summarized at the end of the article in form of a non-enumerated section. Kunst (1996) is a reference to an article, and Schnatter et al. (1987) to an article by more than two authors. If the citation is in parentheses, it should look like (Kunst, 1996).
Correspondence addresses of all the authors should be added at the end of the manuscript.

Submission and Refereeing: Consideration of the previously stated rules are of great help for the editing process. Whenever technically possible, manuscripts should be submitted by E-mail.
All contributions will be anonymously refereed which is also for the authors in order to getting positive feedback and constructive suggestions from other qualified people. Cited literature which is hardly available, should accompany the submitted manuscript. It should also be considered to place used and analyzed data at disposal for the referees (if there are no legal or technical arguments against).
Editor and referees must trust that the contribution has not been submitted for publication at the same time at another place. It is fair that the submitting author notifies if an earlier version has already been submitted somewhere before.
Submitting authors will obtain immediately an acknowledgment of receipt.
Manuscripts stay with the publisher and referees. The refereeing and publishing in the Austrian Journal of Statistics is free of charge. The publisher, the Austrian Statistical Society requires a grant of copyright from authors in order to effectively publish and distribute this journal worldwide.